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Homework problems

Today I had to explain to my student’s dad why he shouldn’t be doing his child’s homework… I’ve been giving homework for about 4 weeks now and the last 2 week the student has not done any of the homework and the dad has been. I’ve erased all the dad’s work and made my student re-do all the homework that he should have done because he is capable of doing it. He didn’t complain and did his homework during “free choice”. When explaining to the dad why he shouldn’t be doing kindergarten homework I told the dad that his child had finished 1 weeks worth of homework in 30mins. Dad was beyond surprised -_- . All the homework I give is suppose to take less than 15 mins a night to complete. Most parents think the homework is just right, and then I have this father who’s doing his kid’s homework while letting him play on his iPad half the night and coming to school sleepy/grumpy … My student who’s 4 1/2 doesn’t lie to me. He tells me who does his homework, and why he’s so tired. No excuses no bull shit. When I confront the father… All he does is give me excuses… How does that even make sense?!

Anyways. End rant.
Parents stop doing your child’s homework. I don’t want to evaluate what you know.. I need to see the growth and development of your child.